Construction Aerials

Flying, analyzing and delivering data insights for pre-construction bids, construction progress insights and more. Regular drone flights allow consistent insights into progress and accuracy safely and efficiently. Services include 2-D and 3-D High-Resolution Maps, Cut-and-Fill Analysis & Volumetric Measurements, Vector Overlays, Thermal Inspections & more.

RTK, and high precision GCPs available.

Aerial Cinematography

Take your project from "nice" to "extraordinary" with expertly-shot and flown aerial cinematography.

We secure all FAA permissions, airspace authorizations and fly the perfect mission to collect the visuals you need to make your project shine. We are FAA-Licensed, night certified and fully-insured with the experience you need.

Aerial Inspections

Solar panels, Roofs, HVAC, Cell Towers, Agriculture, Power Lines and many more!

All of these inspections take only a fraction of the time using aerial equipment. We are experienced pilots and have worked extensively in all these areas. Certified thermographer in staff. Zenmuse XT for high quality Thermal IR reports. Contact us today and see how we can save you money and time using drones!


Power Line Inspections

Power Line Inspections - We can test wires, connections, and temperature. Inspecting power lines is a breeze with drones, especially with IR Thermal technology.

Using Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro and Inspire 1 with Zenmuse XT Radiometric IR payload, ensures that we can get close and get the information that you need. in a timely manner and safely, while the pilot stays on the ground.

Solar Panel Inspections

Solar panels can go offline due to many reasons (heat, scratches, dust, etc). We can inspect your panels from the air - both visually and with thermal cameras to ensure your panels work efficiently and to point out needed repairs or replacements. We do this in minutes, not days.


Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections - With a drone, roofs take only minutes to inspect. All of it from the safety of being on the ground.  Save money and time by having a drone do your inspections.

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We are ready to hear about your business needs. We are confident we can give you a solution that will save you time and money. Your project can feature aerial imagery withing your budget!