Construction Drone Mapping

Construction Drone Mapping

Construction Drone Mapping is one of our specialties since we've been flying construction sites for many years. We understand the needs of the clients and what they require from drone construction mapping. Flying, reviewing and delivering necessary data for your construction progress gives you information that can alert you to trouble way before it starts.

Mid-Atlantic Drones’ extensive experience flying construction sites gives it superior expertise and knowledge of actual working conditions and mission contingencies, assuring optimal production of deliverables which surpass the client’s expectations and desires. Such expertise allows Mid-Atlantic Drones to provide their drone services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, making their clients’ ‘bottom line’ more profitable.

The use of drone data and precise Ground Control Points (GCPs) will save you and your organization time and money. We’ve been flying long-term construction sites, on a weekly basis, for several years. These results have proven invaluable to our clients, which is why they keep on hiring us for subsequent drone mapping projects.

Regular drone flights, for the purpose of surveying and mapping, allow consistent reports of progress and accuracy. This is done safely and efficiently because the drone flies outside of the range of any debris or construction equipment danger, and you can compare results from week to week. Our clients find this mapping frequency very important in their regular workflow.

We can fly in restricted airspace so you can get the results of drone mapping when you need it. It is in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to bring different drones to your site, ensuring that even in the most difficult of areas, we'll still be able to deliver your map in a consistent and reliable basis. We have backups, and we have backups of backups.

We plan your drone mapping flights keeping in mind the following:

  • Safety (always and foremost)
  • Efficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Workflow
  • Results

Save time, money and reduce waste with pre-bid & in-progress construction site aerials. Planning, flying and analyzing Mid-Atlantic Drones offer the complete package.

Our services include 2D and 3D High-Resolution Maps & Volume Measurements, Vector Overlays, Thermal Inspections and much more. RTK, and high precision survey GCPs are also available.

Mid-Atlantic Drones covers most locations in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

We used the Emlid Reach for precise positioning of our Ground Control Points (GCPs)

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