Drones in Agriculture

Agriculture drones can help you quickly and easily get a good idea of the health of your plants. This is not a new idea, drones for agriculture (aerial surveying) have been used for many years. Well, before the advent of these common drones, some farmers used helicopters, fix wing aircraft and anything they could use to get the information they needed.

Uses for drones in agriculture:

Drones can be used not just to determine the health of the plants, but also to “see” drainage issues, deer and other animal damage, storm damage, etc. In fact, you can use a drone to pretty much show you any information you need not just on the field itself, but also on the plants. Drones can record data that farmers can use to analyze their crops and fields and make educated decisions on how to proceed.

You see, drones and agriculture go hand in hand.  Each and every season more and more farmers are relying n this technology to yield better results from their crops.

Are farming drones the future of agriculture?

I believe drones will be a huge part of an agribusiness, and I also believe that the cost of flying a drone far outweighs the costs of “walking the field” which is how traditionally farmers have diagnosed potential or existing problems.

Are there any regulations affecting the flight of drones for agriculture?

Flying drones for agriculture are not subjected to any regulations that are different than those from Part 107. There are some guidelines that we must follow, which involve airspace, weather, performance and other things.  As long as the 14 CFR Part 107 Regulations are followed, we are good to go!

Are drones good for agriculture?

Yes we believe so very strongly. Drones can record data that farmers can use to analyze their crops and make educated decisions on how to proceed. Using drones for agriculture helps farmers get a good idea of their plant health. Using NDVI techniques, this is a fast, easy and inexpensive process. Vegetable crop health can easily be measured using NDVI lenses and drones.

What kind of drone do you use for agriculture?

Drones are a year-round essential tool for your business and depending on the season or what you are looking for, you may want to use different equipment. Sometimes we’d use a regular RGB lenses, sometimes a multi-spectral camera, and of course also using a NDVI lens (normalized difference vegetation index).  All of this technology helps the farmers solve any budding problem and stop it before it causes irreparable crop and cash damage.

Do we have to be a big enterprise to benefit from drones?

No, farming operations of all sizes and crops use drones to improve their yields. Drones reduce the time and costs associated with crop data collection.

Do we need to wait until spring to start with agriculture drone operations?

No, you need to start thinking of the growing season even during the winter months. You can put our drones to work way the planting season begins. We can scout weeds, look at drainage tiles, and many other things. Farmers are using drones year-round!

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