Restricted Zone Flying


DC No Fly Zone
DC Restricted Zone for Flight

Restricted Zones

Flight restricted zones are areas which require special permissions to fly in. This is so we can safely not just for us, but for the general public as well.

Due to the secure nature of the some of these places, we often require the hiring of extra crew and personnel (including law enforcement officers) during the flight missions. Again, this ensures that everyone is safe.

We have lots of experience going through  the complicated process of obtaining permissions and flying these highly-controlled and restricted areas.  These areas  include downtown Washington, DC and nearby suburbs. Also, our experience as manned aircraft pilots allows us to communicate easily with aviation officials and other personnel.  It is because of this that we can efficiently gain access to difficult areas.

Our background and track record has garnered trust from approving aviation officials that translates into successful airspace applications for them and approved missions for clients in flight restricted zones and controlled airspace. Having the confidence of the organizations that grants permission to fly in critical aerial environments of the DC Metropolitan region guarantees that your drone needs will be successfully fulfilled throughout all phases of production.

We recommend you contact us before thinking you cannot get the clearance to fly. Let us try!

Restricted Zones Include:

  • Any area within the DC Restricted Flight Area
  • Designated Critical Infrastructure (such as bridges, dams and power plants)
  • Military Operating Areas
  • Prohibited Airspace noted as “P-xxx” on aviation charts
  • Sporting Events
  • National Parks

Controlled Airspace

Like Flight Restricted Zones (or “FRZs”), Controlled Airspace requires FAA authorization prior to flight in the airspace. While this type of access is usually easier to acquire than flight in FRZs, In some areas (including the DC-Baltimore Corridor) permission can take weeks to obtain.

At Mid-Atlantic Drones, We hold current and active Airspace-Wide (“blanket”) permissions for Dulles, BWI, Easton, Salisbury, Frederick and Martin State in Baltimore. This means we can fly here anytime without having to seek further permissions. (Airspace-wide approvals are subject to specific drone altitude restrictions that vary as you get closer to the airport. For specific limitations and altitude restrictions, contact us for a review of your specific site and its location.)

Please visit the FAA's website for more information on restricted zones.