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Aerial drone services providers including aerial drone photo and drone video for Maryland and Virginia - Flying in DC a Specialty

Aerial drone photography and video

Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Drones. We are the area's premiere drone services provider for aerial photography and video. We specialize in construction, cinematic drone footage, real estate marketing, aerial photo and video for inspection, agriculture and much more.

Real Estate Marketing aerial drone photo and aerial drone video
Real Estate Marketing aerial drone photo and aerial drone video

Some of our aerial drone services include:

Flying drones is what we do, excel at it! Our aerial drone services include not just photo and video, but thermal and NDVI as well. We take pride in our work and will ensure you are satisfied with our work. We specialize in flying in restricted areas like the Washington DC restricted zone. Do you think you cannot fly in your area? Contact us and find out!

We've been flying for a long time – both drones and airplanes. Our love of aviation shows up in our planning, safety mindset and mission success techniques. When not flying drones, we can be found in the air flying our airplanes. We would be delighted to discuss with you our drone services, please contact us today regarding YOUR droning needs!

Members of the Maryland Society of Surveyors.

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We can discuss any of your drone services' needs. Contact us and see what a difference a committed team makes for your bottom line. Mid-Atlantic Drones has been doing this for years – aviation is our livelihood and passion! Methodical planning and collaboration with you, our client, ensures that each mission will get to its ultimate objective: your satisfaction!

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